Jungle Safari In Panna

Panna National Park, another significant wildlife location. is located in Madhya Pradesh's Panna and Chhatarpur districts. Large plateaus and canyons set this park in the Vindhya Hills apart from others. The park spans a total of 1600 square kilometers.

This park is just another illustration of the Tigers' migration scheme. In the previous ten years, the population rose from 0 to 50. Panna is home to more than 50 tigers, 80 leopards, 100 sloth bears, 200 bird species, and 5 vulture species.

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Panna Jungle Safari Location

Panna National Park is located in the districts of Panna and Chhatarpur in Madhya Pradesh. The distances to the main gate, also known as Madla, are 25 kilometers (40 minutes), 90 kilometers (02 hours), 190 kilometers (03 hours), and 250 kilometers (04 hours), respectively, from Khajuraho, Satna, Jhansi, Jabalpur, and Bandhavgarh National Park.

Panna Jungle Safari Zones and Gates:

The park is separated into three zones from a tourism perspective. Among them, the core areas are Madla and Hinauta, and the buffer areas are Harsa.

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Panna offers overnight lodging

In the city's central districts, Panna lacks guesthouses. There aren't many rooms near the gate itself. The department office can reserve them.

Nightime Panna Jungle Safari

Private hotels: Around Madla Gate, there are numerous hotels.

Safari excursions available at Panna National Park

The typical safari: In Panna, jeeps (06-seaters) are typically used for Panna Jungle Safari. There are two shifts, namely the morning and the afternoon. In this location, morning shifts last till 11:00 am. There are fewer Jeeps permitted & the length of the afternoon safaris is shorter.

Jeeps are typically reserved exclusively in Panna. Nevertheless, a few jeeps allow for single seat reservations as well. For guest pickup, these jeeps don't travel to hotels. For safaris, one must visit the gate. If there are less than six single passengers or visitors, the remaining costs are shared equally among the visitors who are currently in attendance in order to complete payment. choice for a single seat

Tatkal Safaris: In the park's more upscale areas, jeeps are used mostly for these safaris. Jeeps fall within this group in an arbitrary number. This quota only includes Jeeps that were previously reserved but were canceled for any reason. The next day's morning and afternoon quota opens at 5:00 p.m.

Panna Jungle Safari Booking Process

Bookings for all safaris can be made on the website, www. pannanationalparkonline.com. One must first register on this website before proceeding to the area on wild animals and filling out the required fields for name, age, gender, nationality, and photo id proof numbers. Aadhar cards, passports, driving licenses, voter ids, and others are acceptable for Indian citizens. Non-Indians must provide their passport information and country. Safari reservations only reserve your seat on safaris. Only the entrance fee and vehicle entry cost are included in tickets or permits in Panna.

Boarding pass: For a boarding pass, you must present an original copy of your Panna Jungle Safari voucher and identification. Your vehicle number and assigned guide's name are shown on your boarding pass for your safari. You are now prepared to go on the safari. Every safari must have a boarding pass.
The same ID must be carried on safaris (provided at the time of booking), as sometimes they check at the entry gate.

Choice of driver/jeep, guide

The department assigns guides and vehicles based on a roaster system for each safari that is scheduled. By paying an additional charge to the department in accordance with the requirements, professional guides and drivers can be hired.

Booking Capacity

Reservations for safaris in Panna can be made up to 120 days in advance of travel. This quota makes about 90% of the tickets and permits available.When all of the jeeps in a zone are shown as full on the website, you are permitted to reserve a limited number of additional tickets, just like with trains. The system updates the status of the tickets once payment has been received.

Only 10% of the original quota's tickets are still available because 90% of the permits and tickets were distributed through the website in advance. This allotment becomes available at the department's booking center at 01:00 hours before each safari shift. To purchase tickets, guests must wait in line.

Number of Jeeps/Canters available for Panna Safaris

In Panna's central areas, there is a distribution of jeeps as shown below.
Madla: Morning shift 35 and afternoon shift 25
Hinauta: Morning shift 15 and afternoon shift 10.
Hence to enjoy the Panna Jungle Safari, it is essential to do the bookings timely.