About Panna National Park - Exploring the 22nd Tiger Reserve of India

Located in the serene embrace of Vindhyan ranges in Madhya Pradesh, India, lies a complete wonder Panna National Park. The amazing National Park stretches across a massive expanse of 542.67 square kilometers, and it spans across the Panna and Chhatarpur districts. The reserve is also known as the fifth tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh and the 22nd in the country. Dive into know about Panna National Park.

Panna National Park is the pride of the state as it is surrounded by the scenic beauty of the Ken River, and it is nestled only 57 kilometers away from the World Heritage Center of Khajuraho. The tourism minister of India has recognized it as one of the best-maintained National Parks in our country. In 2007 it was honored with the award of excellence, all because of the tireless efforts of Mr. R srinivasa murthy, a dedicated forest officer, and his team, who gave their heart and soul to developing and managing Panna National Park. All thanks to the support of WWF and Pata, Murthy could get tigers back to Panna. The magnificent creatures were carefully regulated from Bandhavgarh and Kanha with excellent precision guiding during the journey.

A River's Grace and Ancient Whispers

In terms of - about Panna National Park, you must know that the Kent River winds gracefully through the reserve, weaving tales of serenity. When you visit this park, you can see the enchanting waterfalls that cascade through the valley as if nature is painting a masterpiece all by itself. Furthermore, you can also see the ancient stone paintings from the Neolithic era in the National Park, which is a doorway to the rich tapestry of history.

A Glimpse into Pannas’ Past & About Panna National Park

In 1981 Panna national reserve embarked on its journey, and the government of India's vision gave birth to this National Park. It was also recognized as a part of the project tiger initiative in 1994, as its roots go back to the former Ganga wildlife century that was established in 1975. You must know that the forests of this district and the protected woods of the Chattarpur community were the hunting grounds for the rulers earlier. Today what was once known as the Ganga Sanctuary is known as the north Panna forest division, and it bears testimony to the merging of history besides conservation.

Places You Can Visit Here

There is a lot to know about Panna National Park. Panna National Park offers plenty of locations to glimpse the region's cultural and natural heritage.

Rane Falls

It is nestled in the panda reserve, and the falls originate from the confluence of the Ken and Khaddar rivers, so you can come across some fantastic falls that create a 30-meter-deep and five-kilometer-long Canyon that lets you start a breathtaking journey leading towards Ken Gharial sanctuary.

Ken Gharial Sanctuary

It is nestled at the confluence of the Kudar and Ken rivers, and you can say it is a guardian of endangered Indian gharials. It expands across 13.5 square kilometers and is home to reptiles like the remarkable 6-meter-long fish-eating gharial.

Mahamati Pranathji Temple

It is a pilgrimage site. That temple resonates with devotion; you can offer a spiritual connection during Sharad Purnima.

Go Beyond The Wild and Explore The Nearby Wonders

If you're looking forward to venturing beyond the Panna National Park, you can check out some wonder that awaits you.


It is located on the banks of the Ken River, and it's a beautiful picturesque village known for its historical gems and lush jungles. With highlights including the jugul kishore temple besides Pran Nath temple, Madala is a portal of history and the best bet for you if you are a history buff.

Ujagar Fort

Located at 688 meters, this Fort whispers the tails of Chandela decline, where you can learn a lot about the region's history.


It was once known as the city of Nagwa Kataka and the Gupta Empire, and it is wholly steeped in spiritual significance. If you are a spiritual person, you should visit this place as it is also amplified by Chatur Mukha Mahadev temple, home to a colossal four-faced lingam.

About Panna National Park – A Visit Is A Must

Short Panna National Park is a testament to our country's wildlife heritage, offering a glimpse into the untamed beauty of nature. With fantastic wildlife cascading waterfalls and historical gems, the park is heaven for you if you are a nature lover or a wildlife enthusiast. As you bid goodbye to Panna National Park, you take the memories and also the profound commitment to conservation.