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Naahar Bagh - Panna National Park

Naahar Bagh is located at Rajgarh, and it is a hospitality startup that offers one a great Bundelkhand experience in the beautiful rural landscape. One can easily enjoy the slowness of time and soak in the rural and rustic experiences in the luxurious setting. The birding trails, the aiming walks and the amazing food besides evening campfires and the starry night in the backdrop of the omnipresent Indian jungle are perfectly designed to rejuvenate one’s spirit.

The Lodge just ensures that people enjoy all the luxuries and remain surrounded by the rural atmosphere. All the cottages and the tents here are named after villages whose residents decided to relocate so that the tiger can live in them. Some of the most important villages include Chenari Chakan Jalar and others. Earlier they were all settlements whose expansive fields now reverberate with the tigers’ roars.

Currently Naahar bagh resort is very conscious about the impact that it is having on the surrounding area. Whether it is creating local employment or promoting local food, all the activities are especially designed to have a positive impact on the local people. It is the only reason the lodge also encouraged the guests to dress in culturally appropriate attire and also ask the locals before taking any pictures. The local artisans and locally available building materials of Bundelkhand are used in the making of the lodge.

The cottages and the tents offer a lot of coziness as the intention is to just rejuvenate people. All the rooms have been sighted in a way that great views of the jungle and the hills are just in front of the guests to rekindle their imagination.

Jungle Suites

There are two air-conditioned jungle-facing suites featuring around 980 square feet approximately in size. It features a living room bedroom and two big balconies.

Jungle Cottages

There are four air-conditioned cottages that face the mangarh hills and it also features Bay windows and verandas.

Jungle Tents

There are four air-conditioned tents, and it is a five hundred square feet tent in size. It features amazing views where one can just enjoy the open platform.


The ken river is ideally the life of panna jungles. So, a tool of this jungle is incomplete without voting experience. The resort maintains its own lodges and the expert local boatmen will always be there with the guests voting is available on an hourly basis and one can experience good high tea on the boat.

Village Walks

The village walk is very informative as it provides a glimpse of the rural way of life. Farming the rope weaving honey collection, and basket making are some of the best rural activities that one can enjoy.

Pardhi Walks

The community features traditional hunters and gatherers, and they are being winged away from the typical ways with the help of forest department Madhya Pradesh and some NGO's. One can go on a guided walk here near the ranipur Sneha and the members of the community can explain their details about tracking animals and birds in the jungle.

Lunch with the Locals

To enjoy the rural local taste of rural food one must take lunch with the locals. One needs to visit the homes of local people under the guidance of the experts. This activity will be combined with a village walk or even a birding walk.

Island Lunch

One of the most special experiences is lunch on the secluded island in the Ken river. The lunches here are generally followed by high tea at sunset and during voting. The amazing experience is restricted to just four people at a time.

Bush Dinner

Bush dinners are perfect for people who would like to have dinner all by themselves. And it is one of the best ways to be away from the light in this sound. The dinner is served under the stars in Lantern light surrounded by the wilderness. So again, the number of people here is a maximum of four.


The experience is suggested for people who are completely fit and look forward to indulging in some forest activity. To help with the route and timings experts always undertake the experience.

Birding Walks

The Pana Jungle supports at least two hundred species of bird, and the activity is especially designed to give bird lovers a rejuvenating experience. This includes a great rejuvenating experience. This includes taking a walk around the undulating terrain that is around the trees and the bushes beside the Ken river. So, some type of fitness is required.

Pottery Making

One must know that a Potter is available on call to give one an insight in the art of pottery making. The guests can easily try and make their own pottery if they look forward to doing so. This experience can also be arranged at the request of a minimum of four guests.

Bundelkhand Cooking

If one wishes they can also learn the art of cooking food here on the typical wooden Chula in the typical way under experts’ guidance.

How to reach

One can reach the Panna tiger reserve by road as it is on the national Hwy. 39. It is well connected by road from different towns like Jhansi Gwalior Jabalpur Lucknow Kanpur Varanasi and others. For more information about the routes one can contact the property manager.

The nearest airport is Khajuraho which is around twenty kilometers away from the property. There are daily flights available from Delhi and another airport which is very connected is Gwalior and it has direct flights from Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. The driving time is around 3.5 hours with the property.

Khajuraho railway station is twenty kilometers away from the property and Satna is ninety kilometers away from the major junction for most of the trains crossing Madhya Pradesh. Some of the trains that operate include Punjab mail Dadar barelli express Dadar Amritsar express and Mumbai Howrah mail.

Resorts & Hotels in Panna

Panna National Park is one of the most visited wildlife tourist destination in the state Madhya Pradesh which allures travellers across the globe. Panna is embellished with amusing wildlife and an abundance of rich flora and fauna. Wildlife enthusiasts come here from different regions of the country. For accommodation luxury, standard and deluxe hotels and resorts are available here.